Carraig Safety Consultants offer consultant services in the following areas:

Retained Consultant:

A flexible, cost-effective solution leaving your health and safety issues in the hands of qualified professionals, avoiding the human resource headaches associated with recruiting and retaining an additional member of staff. For More Information on Retained Consultant

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems:

Most companies implementing ISO 9000 certification report increases in business process efficiencies, reductions in waste, and improved product quality. Many corporations see ISO 9000 Certification as an essential requirement for conducting business with a new vendor.
For More Information on ISO 9001 Quality Systems

Safety Statements:

Carraig Safety will carry out a systematic and holistic examination of your business in order to identify any hazards which may exist. We will assist and advise you on suitable control measures to eliminate or reduce any identified risks to an acceptable level.
For More Information on Safety Statements

VDU/DSE Assessments

Through a process of discussion, training and adjustment, suggestions are made to improve the ergonomic use of desk equipment, including the desk itself, chairs, PC screens, keyboards and mouse, and any other equipment that is used day to day. In this way potential stresses on workers are reduced, allowing them to be more comfortable in their work.
For More Information on VDU Assessments

Method Statement

There is a growing need for companies to write work method statements. These procedures must be readily understood by all employees, including employees with low literacy/numeracy skills.
Carraig Safety will be delighted to assist you in preparing your method statements.
For More Information on Method Statements

Noise Assessments:

Monitoring and measurement of noise is an integral part of the services offered by Carraig Safety.
Through comprehensive noise assessment and survey, Carraig Safety can prepare work place noise maps, identify areas of concern and recommend controls to reduce occupational noise exposure. All noise monitoring equipment used by Carraig Safety is serviced and calibrated to meet appropriate standards. For More Information on Noise Assessments

Manual Handling Risk Assessment

Effective manual handling risk assessment involves employees and/or safety representative participating and contributing to the process that identifies hazards, assess and prevents or controls risk factors that can lead to musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).
For More Information on Manual Handling Risk Assessments

Pregnant Risk Assessment:

Carraig Safety have fully trained and competent consultants who will carry out a comprehensive pregnant employee risk assessment and complete a written report which will include appropriate recommendations. For More Information on Pregnancy Risk Assessment

Food Safety Management Systems:

Food Safety Management Systems based on the principles of HACCP are now a legal requirement for all food businesses. For More Information on Food Safety Management Systems

Food Safety Audit:

Carraig Safety can guide management to identify hazards with relation to food safety. Any premise that deals with preparing food should be auditing on a regular basis.
For More Information on Food Safety Audits

PAT testing:

Portable Appliance Inspection and Testing, or PAT Testing, is an important part of any Health & Safety Policy. If your working environment has any electrical appliances with a plug attached, then these are classed as Portable Appliances. For More Information on PAT Testing

Risk assessment:

The Carraig Safety Consultants team can guide management through the risk assessment process from identification of hazards to risk quantification, and determining appropriate solutions. We can help in all aspects of hazard and risk management from procedures to training to monitoring and review. For More Information on Risk Assessments

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