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Retained Consultant

Unrivalled support from Carraig Safety Consultants

Keeping up to date with changes to the law, whilst actually managing workplace health and safety, is a massive challenge. There's no doubt that health and safety professionals are valuable assets, but in reality many businesses simply don't have the resources to retain such knowledge in-house. Instead, many are forced to incorporate health and safety into other job roles, and increasingly find that this offers insufficient time and expertise to effectively manage risks.

Under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, all organisations must ensure that they receive guidance from competent safety advisors, which may be employed directly or on a contractual basis, on managing safety within the business.

Whether you are seeking a safety professional to manage your entire health and safety function, or an addition to an existing team, consider the benefits of Carraig Safety Consultants 'Retained Consultant' Service:

Flexible solution

This flexible, cost-effective solution means that you choose the level of support required.

Depending on issues, risk profile, priorities and resources, Carraig Safety expert Consultants can be 'Retained' for exclusive use by your organisation, on your own premises, from anything from one day a month, to full-time on an interim basis. They can be your legally required 'Safety Advisor' or integrate into an existing health and safety team.

Expert advice

Carraig Safety Consultants are fully immersed in the ever-changing health and safety environment; it is their profession and they have had years of management experience in which to hone their skills. You can be confident that your health and safety issues are in the hands of qualified professionals, who are ideally placed to positively influence safety performance and culture.

At the same time, you can avoid the human resource headaches associated with recruiting and retaining an additional member of staff.

Carraig Safety will work with you to create a 'Retained Consultant' Service that meets your specific needs.

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