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Risk Assessment

In Ireland, Section 19 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005, requires that employers carry out an identification of their workplace hazards and an assessment of the risks posed by those hazards.

The goal of hazard identification and risk assessment is to devise and implement appropriate controls to ensure that the risks are reduced to an acceptable level.

The Carraig Safety Consultants team can guide management through the risk assessment process from identification of hazards to risk quantification, and determining appropriate solutions. We can help in all aspects of hazard and risk management from procedures to training to monitoring and review.

Conducting regular risk assessments may cost more in the short term, as you spend money to improve conditions, but you will protect yourself from the risk of fines, or being sued by an employee or member of the public. We will show you how to make risk management more effective helping you comply with the law and by reducing the likelihood of injury thus improving the efficiency of work which makes good business sense.

Our service includes:

  • Hazard identification.
  • Implement control measures to reduce risk.
  • Liaise with client in correct operation of safety management system.
  • Conduct periodic reviews of hazards in your operation and advice on interventions to manage risk.

With the correct control measures in place as a result of identifying risk areas a company can:

  • Create and maintain a culture of risk awareness
  • Reduce risk of damages awards and negative publicity
  • Reduce possibility of fines and penalties
  • Have a positive impact on employees behaviour and absence / stress incidents
  • Reduces risk of third party action for damages
  • Supports Insurance placements and premium mitigation
  • Improvement in health and safety in the workplace and increased efficiency

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