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Method Statement

A method statement is a method of control that is used after a risk assessment of a task has been carried out.

The method statement is used to control the task and to ensure that all involved are aware of the hazards associated with the task and the control measures to be taken.

In addition method statements are used for a particular section of work, they detail its boundaries, materials and plant requirements and temporary work designs.

The main purpose of a work method statement is:

  • to outline a safe method of work for a specific job
  • to provide an induction document that workers must read and understand before starting a job
  • to meet legal requirements, that is, hazard identification and control
  • to program work, materials, time, staff, and to anticipate possible problems
  • to use as a tool in quality assurance

There is a growing need for companies to write work method statements. These procedures must be readily understood by all employees, including employees with low literacy/numeracy skills.
Carraig Safety will be delighted to assist you in preparing your method statements.

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