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Food Safety HACCP Level 1 & 2

This course provides basic food hygiene training in a classroom as a half day or a full day depending on your requirements. The participants interact with the trainer and flipchart discussions are used throughout the course. Handouts, training records and evaluation forms are also used.

Objectives: On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define food hygiene
  • Outline legislation controlling food hygiene
  • Describe food poisoning
  • List the kind of hygiene

Course Programme:

  • Food hygiene – What is it?
  • Reasons for good food hygiene
  • Haccp
  • Consequences of poor hygiene
  • Legislation controlling food hygiene
  • Bacteria and food poisoning
  • National Hygiene Scheme
  • Operational Hygiene

Training Methodology:

The course is classroom based with overhead/multimedia presentations supplemented with videos, charts etc.

Maximum Number of Participants:12 people
Duration: ½ day or 1 Day

For more information on the Food Safety Course contact Carraig Safety Consultants
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