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VDU / DSE Assessor Course

Who should attend?

Employers & Self Employed
Health & Safety Managers or Consultants
Health & Safety Representatives
Occupational Health Professionals
Information Technology Professionals
Instructors in Computer Software Programmes or Courses


The Visual Display Units / Display Screen Equipment Assessor role is to assess the workstation of a user and to impart the knowledge required to work safely at a VDE / DSE workstation in accordance with the requirements of the 2007 General Application Regulations.


To provide the knowledge and skills necessary for the assessment of Visual Display Units / Display Screen Equipment in the workplace.

Course Programme

After completion of the course, you will be able to
  • Understand the requirements of the 2007 General Application Regulations
  • Complete a VDU / DSE risk assessment with the end user
  • Assist in formulating your company policy on VDU / DSE safe work practice
  • Have a greater understanding of the hazards & associated risks from working with a VDU / DSE
  • Assist in the prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders associated with VDU / DSE usage

Course material:

Participants are provided with materials to allow them to carry out VDU workstation assessments in their own workplace. The course is highly participative and incorporates the principles and techniques of Problem Based Learning (PBL). Participants take an active role in all modules. They are provided with a variety of checklists to facilitate them in assessing VDU workstations in their workplace.


The course will be presented in a modular format and will include problem based learning and practical exercices. There will be an exam consisting in multiple choice questions and short answer questions.

Participation: 12 Max
Duration: 1 day

Should you wish for a Carraig Safety Consultant to carry out VDU assessments click here for further information

For more information on VDU Assessor Courses contact Carraig Safety Consultants
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