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First Aid

First Aid is the initial assistance or treatment given to someone who is injured or suddenly taken ill.

The Health, Safety and Welfare Act at Work (General Application) Regulations place a general duty on employers to make first aid provision for employees in the case of injury or illness at the workplace

Employers have a duty to provide first aid equipment at all places of work where working conditions require it. PHECC Certified First-aiders are also required to be trained and certified as competent at least once every two years by a recognised PHECC first aid instructor.

“How many qualified First Aiders are required in my Workplace?”

The Current Legislation Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 states that each workplace should carry out a risk assessment, identifying hazards and assessing risk. Each workplace should consider the numbers employed, the nature of the work, the severity of the hazard, level of accidents, size and location of the workplace, number of employees, working hours i.e. shift work and the distance from external medical services and decide how many First Aiders are required.

Commercial benefits for Qualified First Aiders:

  • - Employees gain safety & health awareness.
  • - Gain a sense of achievement.
  • - Complies with your legal responsibility under the Safety Health and Welfare at work Act
  • - Reduces lost working days by employees injured at work.

All our Instructors hold current certification and our courses comply with HSA criteria.

Carraig Safety are also a PHECC Recognised Institution.

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