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Safety Representation Training


Our safety rep cours aims to give the learners an understanding of health & safety legislation. It will equip them with the skills which will enable them to fulfill their role as Safety Representatives.

The primary objective of the Safety Representative programme is to provide newly appointed safety representatives with an understanding of the key areas of occupational health and safety (OHS) legislation and guidance. The course focuses particularly on the necessary skills and knowledge to fulfil their role as an employee safety representative.

Duration: 3 Days


What are the Benefits?

Skilled Staff

A safety representative may investigate accidents and dangerous occurrences in the workplace to find out the causes and help identify any necessary remedial or preventive measures.

A Safety Representative can be extremely beneficial to a company in bringing together a corporate Safety Message


To give participants the skill and knowledge required to carry out their duties in a safe and effective manner

It gives workers a voice for Safety concerns and highlighting good work practices

Course Content

What is covered on our Safety Representation Course

  • Safety legislation
  • Role of the Safety Rep
  • Safety Management
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Accident Investigation Techniques
  • Safety Auditing
  • Risk Assessment Principles
  • How Incidents /  Accidents Occur
  • Fire Safety Management
  • Manual Handling Risks
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Toolbox Talks
  • Occupational Health
  • Accident  / Incident Investigation


Skills Group Practice

Test – Short Answers


Carraig Safety Certificate

Max participants: 10

Duration: 3 Days

Valid for 3 years

Who Should Attend?

Appointed Safety Reps who have responsibility for fostering proactive communication between management and employees on health and safety issues should attend Safety Rep training.

Under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, employers, and those who control workplaces to any extent, are required to:

  • Identify the hazards and assess the risks in the workplaces they control
  • Prepare a written safety statement setting out the arrangements in place for securing and managing the safety, health and welfare of their employees and other people, along with the co-operation required from employees to achieve this.

Who should attend training?

All managers, supervisors or employees with responsibility for safety within an organisation or employees who have been appointed as Safety Reps within their organisation.

What do I need to bring?

We supply all course materials, manuals, packs and refreshments.

Do I need experience to attend?

No previous experience is needed to attend this course.

What Certification will I receive?

You will receive a Carraig Safety Certificate.

How long is my training Valid for?

Refresher training has to be completed every three years.

Who teaches the Course?

Instructors are all certified Instructors with many years experience in delivering this course.

Any Other Questions?

We'll be happy to answer any other questions you may have by phone or email. You can click the button below to ask a question online, or call us on 01 6293852.

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