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Support for Learners
We have arrangements in place to ensure that assessment methods reasonably accommodate learners with a disability and/ to ensure that individual training needs of all learners are always taken. Carraig Safety is committed to providing Learners with adequate and sufficient supports and resources to maximise their learning experience. Support for Learners is classified through ability, inclusion, and compassionate grounds. Please contact Carraig Safety if you require any further information on supports, we can offer to you the learner.

What is RPL?
RPL is the acknowledgement of skills and knowledge obtained through learning achieved outside the formal education and training system. RPL recognises any prior knowledge and experience and measures it against the qualification in which you are enrolled. You may not need to complete all of a training program if you already possess all or some of the competencies included in the qualification. Please contact Carraig Safety if you require any further information regarding the process of application of RPL.

Learner Appeal
Carraig Safety Consultants Ltd commits to providing arrangements in relation to examination mark rechecking, reviewing, and appeals concerning examination matters which ensure that they are dealt with fairly, transparently and in a timely way and which may involve, as necessary. If you require further information regarding our appeal process, please contact Carraig Safety.

Expectations for Learners
Attendance – 100% attendance is required on all QQI courses. If you are absent for any part of the course, you may not be able to sit examinations or submit assignments.
Timekeeping – You are expected to be on time for training each day and if unable to do so, contact your tutor or Carraig Safety as soon as possible.
Assessment Criteria – You are required to comply with all assessment requirements and regulations. All parts of the assessment must be completed and a grade of 50% achieved for each component. Submit assignments and projects for correction by submission dates.

Contact Details & Support
For inquiries related to Reasonable Accommodation requests, the complaints process, appeals process, or English Language Requirement queries, please reach out to us at info@carraigsafety.ie or contact us via phone at 016293852.



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