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VDU/DSE Assessments

VDU’s are widely used in all industry today and are a contributing factor to back injury, eye strain from poor ergonomics and eye strain from incorrect positioning of equipment or in regard to lighting.

The General Application Regulations contains a list of minimum requirements in which the employer is obliged to carry out a risk assessment of each VDU workstation.

Carraig Safety will carry out assessments and will also look at the equipment, software, ventilation, lighting levels, access & egress, ergonomics, good housekeeping, space requirements, noise, eye tests, electrical cables/electricity, manual handling, stress due to VDU work and all office furniture.


What are the Benefits
  • An ergonomically adjusted workplace leads to higher levels of efficiency amongst employees.
  • VDU/DSE assessments can be beneficial in terms of reducing injury as a result of poor posture and/or improper VDU set up.
  • VDU/DSE assessments not only ensure that workstations are set up safely but that they are also in line with health & safety legislation.
  • VDU/DSE assessments aim to improve the health and well-being of staff, and more importantly they aid in reducing health and safety litigation.
  • The onset of fatigue and stress can be minimised by careful design, selection and location of DSE/VDUs, good design of the workstation, its environment and the task involved as well as training, consultation and involvement of the employee.
The Process

Through a process of discussion, training and adjustment, suggestions are made to improve the ergonomic use of desk equipment, including the desk itself, chairs, PC screens, keyboards and mouse, and any other equipment that is used day to day. In this way potential stresses on workers are reduced, allowing them to be more comfortable in their work.

What Carraig Safety Can Offer
  1. We can carry out ergonomic assessments on individual workstations to help reduce the risk of musculoskeletal and repetitive strain injuries to your employees and also to ensure you are legally compliant.
  2. Individual Report per User will be provided.
  3. We can perform measurements of Humidity; Temperature and Lighting levels to ensure that your organisation are compliant with the recommended values.
  4. We can provide training for your staff in how to perform Ergonomic Assessments enabling them to perform Ergonomic Assessments on behalf of your Company.

You can contact our Health and Safety consultant on 01 6293852 or info@carraigsafety.ie to discuss an Ergonomic Assessment of your workplace


Will Reports show areas of improvement?
Yes our reports are specific to each user and will clearly show areas that require addressing and also areas of current good practice..

Is there a minimum time before assessment should be completed?
Under the General Application Regulations VDU/DSE Assessments should be completed when employee starts employment and then 2 years thereafter, unless area of work has changed, if this is the case assessment should be carried out when need arises.

Should an assessment be carried out on a Pregnant Employee?
Yes, once an employee advises her employer that she is pregnant, an assessment should be carried out to ensure immediate work area is comfortable.

Any Other Questions?
We'll be happy to answer any other questions you may have by phone or email. You can click the button below to ask a question online, or call us on 01 6293852.

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