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Carraig Safety Consultants Ltd


The mission of Carraig Safety is to proactively support the achievement of out students' objectives through the provision of high quality instruction and training.

We aim to achieve this by -

  • Ensuring that PHECC Standards for Education and training in the field of pre-hospital emergency care in Ireland are strictly followed.
  • Ensuring that all QQI standards for training of further education are strictly followed.
  • Ensuring that all training and development provided has a clearly identified objective to be achieved.
  • Making our students aware of the purpose and scope of our service and how this can support their learning objectives.
  • Targeting our support at the identified needs of both groups and individuals.
  • Achieving excellence in our programmes by delivering training which is motivational, valued and demonstrably improves the productivity of the participants.
  • Constantly improving our programme content, delivery methods and skills through regular research, feedback and evaluation.
  • Operating as role models in all aspects of the day-to-day running of Carraig Safety, by demonstration the ideals of the training community.




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