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Safeguarding Policy




Carraig Safety Consultants Ltd is committed to doing what it can to safeguard those children and vulnerable adults with whom faculty interacts, either directly or indirectly so that they can avail of their right to a safe environment.

Policy Statement

For the purpose of this policy and procedures Carraig Safety, considers a Vulnerable Person as an adult or child who is restricted in capacity to guard himself/herself against harm or exploitation or to report such harm or exploitation.

Policy Purpose

Carraig Safety seeks to uphold the rights of vulnerable persons learn and be associated with a safe and supportive environment and to ensure the full expression and promotion of people’s rights and responsibilities. This policy provides a framework whereby both faculty trainers and employees can proof their own actions and behaviour. Carraig Safety is committed to the safeguarding of vulnerable persons.

Scope of Policy

This Policy applies employees and Faculty which are involved with or carrying out training in a high risk area for vulnerable person.


Responsibility for implementation of this procedure rests with Carraig Safety Managing Director, employees and Faculty Tutors. Emer Gaffney is Carraig Safety designated person.

Designated Liaison Person

Carraig Safety has assigned a relevant person, for the purpose of The Children First Act 2015, as the Designated Liaison Person. They are to be contacted in relation to any child protection concerns in relation to any Carraig Safety employees/Sub contractors and are also responsible for ensuring all reporting procedures are followed.

The D.L.P. for Carraig Safety Ltd is

Emer Gaffney




Procedure – Respond to a Disclosure of Concern

It is of the utmost importance that disclosures are treated in a sensitive and discreet manner. Anyone responding to a vulnerable person making such a disclosure should take the following steps.

  • Take what the vulnerable person says seriously.
  • React calmly, as over-reaction may intimidate the vulnerable person and increase any feelings of guilt that they may have.
  • Reassure the vulnerable person that they were correct to tell somebody what happened.
  • Listen carefully and attentively.
  • Never ask leading questions.
  • Use open-ended questions to clarify what is being said and try to avoid having them repeat what they have told you
  • Advise that you will offer support but that you must pass on the information.
  • Do not express any opinions about the alleged abuser to the person reporting to you.
  • Explain and make sure that the vulnerable adult understands what will happen next.
  • Do not confront the alleged abuser.

Procedure - Reporting

Following a disclosure of abuse, employees/faculty should:

  • Write down immediately after the conversation what was said, including all the names of those involved, what happened, where, when, if there were any witnesses and any other significant factors
  • Record the event, sign and date all reports and indicate the time the notes were made.
  • Ensure that the information is treated with the utmost confidence.
  • Allegations should not be investigated by employees/faculty.
  • Employees/faculty should pass that report to the Designated Liaison Person.
  • Under no circumstances should a vulnerable person be left in a situation that exposes him or her to harm or to risk of harm.
  • In the event of an emergency where you think a vulnerable person is in immediate danger you should contact the Gardaí in the first instance.

Risk Assessment






Vulnerable Adult Learner


Classroom Teaching


Training in schools after school hours


Learners part taking of unpaid work placement (T.Y.)


Accusation of learner aimed at Tutor





Learner being bullied by other learners


Learner being intimidated by Tutor


Sexual references being made by Tutor toward Learner


Unwarranted advances being made by tutor toward learner


Unwarranted  advances being made by learner toward Tutor


Inappropriate physical contact between Tutor and Learner


Carraig Safety Safe-guarding Policies and Procedures


HSE/TUSLA E-Learning module on Child Safeguarding or equivalent


Carraig Safety Code of Conduct for staff






Carraig Safety will ensure that any records made in relation to a safeguarding issue should be kept confidentially and in a secure place. Information in relation to vulnerable person concerns should be shared on a "need to know" basis. 


Monitoring, Evaluation and Review

Carraig Safety will track and monitor the process and will review policy annually.

Training and Awareness

Carraig Safety will provide training, support and guidance to all stakeholders on the Safeguarding Policy.

Health and Safety Policies

Garda Vetting Policy

Data Protection Policy


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